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Beyond back to basics gets stylish without the fuss.

Bathe offers a wide range of stylishly simple bath and body care products based on the idea of natural goodness. From a comprehensive line of body care products – handmade soaps, salts, body lotions, body butters, facial scrubs, and much more – for men, women and kids, our products use naturally-derived ingredients and are paraben + paraffin free.

R&D is all conducted internally by Founder Annie Pham, selecting and personally testing each combination of ingredients to formulate lines of products that she and her family uses themselves each day. Combining the industry’s best practices, Annie built the foundation for a retail concept rooted in a reality that smiled at the face of convoluted and contrived messages that mangled what consumers really wanted and craved: simply good products that work with a bit of a quirky cool attitude. Excess out, minimal in. Sustainable.

And the basics: being genuine, feeling good and being clean! They all add up to Enufness, a holistic sense of well-being and taking easy pleasure in simple things – like a shower!

Who says bath products have to be serious to be good? But it's not just about what Bathe does – it's about creating genuine smiles, instant quick fixes, zingy wake-me-ups and soothing calm-me-downs. In essence, it's about how Bathe makes you FEEL.


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