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In which we address the essentials of the satisfying, satiating, quenchingly delicious bath: lolling, soaking, relaxing, revitalizing, conditioning, cleansing and moisturizing. Free your mind and bath time fun will follow with our Basic Collection. From BATH BUBBLES to BODY WASH to BODY LOTION and much more, for the entire family together or separately. Time to get in the water. Scented with Bathe’s signature fragrance.

  • Bath Bubbles (Detoxify, Relax + Soothe or Revitalize)
  • Bath Sea Salts (Detoxify, Relax + Soothe or Revitalize)
  • Body Butter (Fragrance Fee or Signature Scent)
  • Body Lotion (Intense or Mild)
  • Body Oil (Signature Scent)
  • Body Wash (Signature Scent)
  • Conditioner (Signature Scent)
  • Face Cleanser (Signature Scent)
  • Hand Wash (Tea Tree Lavender or Tea Tree Mint Scents)
  • Shampoo (Signature Scent)


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